Monograms and other fun stuff!

Jun 14, 2008

I recently inherited a embroidery machine from my grandmother. I already have inherited her name (my middle name) and her love for crafts - so it is fitting that this machine be a part of my collection. I am very excited about this machine and all of the opportunities that it opens up. I am not sure how to integrate monograming with my etsy site, but if you ever want to add a monogram, a name, or anything else that suits your fancy (I've got all sorts of flowers, designs, animals, etc.) to your bag, I'd be happy to do it. Or even if you'd like to have a towel or some other item personalized, I'm available for that too. Know any Brides-to-be? I can provide bridesmaid gifts of personalized totes or bags. Just wanted to share the embroidery-love with y'all!


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