New Bag

Jun 14, 2008

As promised, here is a picture of my happily showing off my new Hobo Bag. I just added another one of these bags (in a different fabric) to my etsy shop, so be sure to check it out.

The material on the oustide is a gorgeous blue, tan, chocolate floral fabric that I got at Pieceful Heart Fabrics in Lisle, IL. For the lining, I used a coordinating tan fabric with chocolate and blue polka dots and stripes. So unbelievably cute! I added D-rings to the strap and a magnetic closure on the inside.

As you probably have noticed, I use magentic closures a lot. They are just so easy to install, make the product look really professional, and are super functional. Not to mention, you can get them for fairly cheap at places like Joann Fabrics. If you are having trouble installing them, just go to this tutorial - it is just fabulous. I have used several of these tutorials and they are so clear (and funny!) that they make trying a new pattern a breeze.

Well, I've been busy finding all sorts of goodies all over the web on purse-making, so check back soon!


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