Back from Holiday

Jul 1, 2008

OK, so I can't legitimately say that I've been on holiday (afterall I'm not British), but I just love that phrase. One of the many things that I think should be adopted back into the American English language. But, the sentiment is true nonetheless. After the craft show, my hubby and I took a short vacation to celebrate the end of the school year for him, our 2nd anniversary, and my birthday. Brian came down with mono during his finals week, so we are finally getting around to some summertime fun!

We had a fabulous trip and I am feeling very refreshed from the lounging around by the lakeside in South Haven, MI. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend the Resort (B&B really) that we stayed at the Victoria Resort. The blueberry pancakes are really as fantastic as they look, too! For pictures of our fabulous vacation, check out my hubby's blog.

While away, we spent some time browsing through various local shops and I am feeling quite inspired to make some fun new summer purses. The next few weeks are pretty busy for us, but I will certainly try to keep adding to the store and keeping y'all in the loop with my new products, fabrics, etc. Yay for summer!


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