Fun Sewing Tutorials

Jul 25, 2008

As a newly married (well, 2 years, but still on the newer side!), wife of a graduate student, and young entrepreneur, I have a fairly tight budget. And yet, I have an insatiable appetite for learning new patterns and techniques. Thanks to the web, there is a solution for someone in this type of predicament -- free online tutorials! There are so many talented people who have given step-by-step instructions, often with pictures, for various sewing projects. I have built up quite a directory of bag tutorials, but one of my favorite resources has to be Sew Mama Sew.

Each week there are several new tutorials on projects ranging from crafts for kids, ideas for presents, or just things around the house. And if you haven't visited the Sew,Mama,Sew store you are really missing out. I could just browse through these fabrics all day! By the way, they give out free fabric on Fridays for people who have commented on their various tutorials. All the more reason to check it out! Enjoy!


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