Quilting Resource

Jul 29, 2008

This morning I have been browsing around the internet going from link to link and ended up finding this amazing quilting resource. Every time I go into a quilt store, I am amazed at the beautiful quilting designs that are available to long arm quilters. Unfortunately, I have neither the money or the space to have my own long arm quilting machine. I've often considered getting a quilt done professionally, but the prices are truly astronomical in most cases. So, I've settled for stitch-in-the-ditch or free hand stipling to bind my quilts together. But at long last I have discovered a long arm quilter that does amazing work and is extremely reasonable too:

The Back Porch Quilters

Really, I am baffled at how reasonable their prices are. I can't wait to finish my next quilt and send it off to them for quilting. And their designs are just as fabulous as the ones I see in my favorite quilt shops!! YAY! Just look at some of their work:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with quilting, the service that Back Porch Quilters provides is the stitching that holds all three layers together - the front, batting, and back. It can really enhance the beautiful fabrics and patterns that you have used to create your masterpiece. What a deal!


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