Cute n' Crafty

Aug 1, 2008

I've never been a huge fan of sewing by hand. Maybe I am too impatient, or maybe I just don't like getting my fingers pricked all the time. Anyhow, I always appreciate when people make their crafts the old fashion way and have a lot of respect for the time that goes into them. One crafter I have noticed lately has all sorts of fun Christmas ornaments made by hand (or at least I think they are!). Since it is never too early to start your Christmas shopping - go check her out at paper-and-string blog.

In other news, I apologize for the lack of new items in the store. I have been busy trying to finish other projects that, believe-it-or-not, are not for the Bolsa Chica! We are getting ready to leave for California next Friday so there have been a lot of loose ends to tie up (sometimes literally!) before we leave. Some of my latest projects are presents so I have to refrain from posting them here, until after we get back! :-) I am dreaming up a new purse pattern, though, and can't wait to share it!


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