A Wallet for Hubby

Aug 25, 2008

Well, once again my desire to make something new for myself has taken backseat to another project. When hubby found out that I was going to make a wallet, he decided that he wanted a new one too. Since I had a small amount of fabric left over from his Messenger Bag, I decided to make a matching tri-fold wallet for him using this tutorial.

The instructions were very good for the most part, but I did find in the end, that the overall size of the wallet was too small. If I were to make this wallet again, I would definitely increase the size of the largest piece to 10" x 10" instead of 9" x 9". The pockets were all a good size, but they were so close together that it was difficult to fold the wallet when it was full of cards. I also added a small pocket within the "cash" area of the wallet for change. I know most people don't carry much cash around these days - but change is not extinct yet! Anyway, hubby is very happy with his wallet, and I feel even better equipped to make my own.

By the way, thanks for the comment on not using magnetic snaps in wallets. I hadn't even thought about the consequences of putting magnets that close to my credit cards! Another good tip, if you are going to make a Messenger Bag or another type of laptop bag, but sure to avoid putting magnetic snaps in those. Velcro may not look quite as snazzy or professional - but it does the job without ruining your laptop!


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