Happy Sewing Month!

Sep 10, 2008

So, it turns out September is National Sewing Month! Woohoo! I am always trying to promote sewing amongst my friends and have even taught a few of them. HomeEc is really going out of style in Jr. High/High School, so many people never even get the opportunity to learn the basics. And let's face it, how many people actually remember anything from Jr. High? Not me--that is for sure! Anyway, Debbie Colgrove over at About Sewing recently posted a list of free patterns for beginners and advanced seamstresses. It is really quite helpful. So, if you are in the mood to start sewing, or just try something new go check it out.

To celebrate National Sewing Month, I am giving away a $15 off coupon to any Bolsa Chica item. All you have to do is comment on my blog about any experiences you've had with sewing. It could be basic, or some recent project you've accomplished. I will pick a winner on September 15th, so be sure to comment before then. Looking forward to hearing your responses!


Miranda M said...

I've noticed that sewing is making a "comeback." Especially once I was introduced to Etsy it has become even more clear. I think it's exciting that it's taking a turn in that direction. With fun new fabric designers like Amy Butler, it's no wonder it's becoming a hit to make something unique and useful- it's so neat to be able to say, "I made that!"
I took a sewing glass in high school and remember the basics but I'm venturing out again. Instead of buying an awesome apron on Etsy for my mother-in-law's birthday, I decided I should just make one myself! Why not?!?
Happy sewing month! :-)

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