Matching Bible and Clutch

Sep 18, 2008

You may be wondering what ever happened to my plan of trying to sew with polyurethane material. Well, last night I finally made my first attempt! I am happy to say that it went extremely well and I am looking forward to experimenting further with other designs and materials. My "day job" is working at a publishing company that uses a variety of polyurethane materials to make unique covers on books and Bibles. For this particular project, this Bible was my inspiration:

I found one small and lonely piece of this "gator" material in our unuseable scrap pile, and couldn't bear to see it being tossed out. The material was the perfect size for a small clutch purse. I've never made a clutch before, but it seemed easy enough, so I made up a pattern and got to work. Thirty minutes later - voila!

A beautiful, mini clutch, with faux-gatorlike material. This was such a fun and easy project, I'm definitely going to be posting a tutorial soon. Plus - clutches are so easy to dress up with a small amount of effort. Expect to see this cute little clutch in my shop soon!


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