Photo Restoration

Sep 17, 2008

Well, believe it or not, I occassionally find time to do things that don't involve sewing. I happen to be a big fan of scrapbooking, but have managed to fall a little far behind in that arena. I could give a dozen excuses why I haven't gotten around to it, but mainly it is because I have been trying to learn a little about photo restoration. I inherited my baby/childhood albums from my mom, which she spent years putting together. Unfortunately, back in the 80's and early 90's a little thing called Magnetic Albums were popular. You know, those photo albums with sticky backs and a clear protective sheet to cover the photos. Convenient? Yes. Photo safe or Acid Free? No. I also grew up by the beach where mold tends to grow rapidly. It just so happens that mold loves to eat the glue in Magnetic Albums. So, needless to say, my photos were a couple of mold munchies away from disaster. After scouring the web (or atleast googling "Photo Restoration"), I discovered the product of my dreams: Un-Du.
This fabulous Photo Safe product quickly and safely removes the photos from the albums and even allows you to scrub off any remaining glue residue from the back of the photos. I went to our local camera shop and bought some photo safe tissue and happily scrubbed 100's of pictures to my hearts content. My photos are now safe from the evil mold and acidic glue! I'm now in the market for some new scrapbooking supplies (album, adhesive, paper, stickers, etc.). That is why I love this resource. They have really great prices on all those products. Pretty soon my beloved pictures will be safe and sound! Thank you Un-Du!


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