Boxy Pouch Tutorial

Oct 21, 2008

In preparation for the Purse Party I have been in search of quick, little projects that will be good give-away prizes. No one likes Free Stuff more than I do, so I want to make sure my customers get their fair share. I'd love to be able to give away purses, but since money isn't growing as fast as my fabric pile - I'll have to stick with smaller prizes for the time being. All that to say, in my search I came across this great little tutorial from Three Bears for making a Boxy Pouch.

These little guys are perfect for carrying make-up, feminine products, little items you don't want escaping into the abyss of your purse, or anything else you can think up! Anyway, I am hoping to give some of these away soon on the blog, but for now they are reserved my the guests of my Purse Party. For now, I hope you enjoy this tutorial and make up some of these little guys for yourself!


Darning Diva said...

I ran across that same tutorial and actually made one the other night! It turned out really cute. I ended up lining it, but wish I would have added interfacing too, since it's pretty flimsy. I'll be writing up a blog about it soon so you can see how it turned out.

Harley Dee said...

Thank you so much for posting this. These will make great presents for my little cousins :)

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