Oct 12, 2008

Sorry for the brief bout of silence. My mom was out visiting from CA and we attended a national (and international actually!) woman's conference that was being held not too far from here. It was a truly refreshing, encouraging, and convicting time of looking into what God has planned for women. I would highly recommend check out the website that goes along with the conference: TW08.

Now that I'm back the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy around here. I've got a few orders to hammer out, a Purse Party, and a craft show all coming up in the next month. I'll try to keep posting as much as possible, but afterall, my love of crafting comes before blogging! I'd still love to hear about any projects you are working on, so feel free to share!


Tiff said...

So that's where you have been. I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you had a great time!

cute2carry said...

Our ladies' Bible Study is currently doing Nancy Leigh DeMoss' Seeking Him, which I'm really enjoying. I see her on the event website you posted. Did you get to hear her speak? :)~Tracey

Monica Gee said...

Thanks for your words, ladies! :-) It means so much to know people miss me when I'm not blogging!

Tracey - yes, we did get to hear Nancy speak, and twice! The audio message is available on the True Woman website so you can listen if you'd like. I did the Seeking Him study last year, it is awesome! :-)

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