Needle Tips

Oct 24, 2008

I've been reading up on the uses of various needles recently and found this particular blog helpful and applicable.

It talks about using a different needle for topstitching. This becomes of immense importance in making purses. Topstitching can really make or break a bag - on the handles, on the pockets, around the top of the purse, etc. If it gets wobbly, your product doesn't look as nice. But adding topstitching adds a lot of visual interest and perceived value when done correctly. Apparently, using a toptitching needle can help your topstitching come out perfecto! Here is an example of good topstitching from the blog.

Your sewing machine is really capable of doing a lot! I need to learn to stop fighting my machine and work with it by switching out various needles and other accessories! Sewing machines are friends - not foes!


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