Pleated Purse Modification

Oct 16, 2008

I wanted to post some pictures of a cute new Pleated Purse that I made for a friend. Making purses for friends has to be one of the best feelings in the world. I love the look on their faces as they pick out their fabric, and realize for the first time that they can have the exact purse they've always wanted. Here is my latest Pleated Purse in all her sunny, floral cuteness!

I didn't realize how much the yoke and handles blend in to the wall color - but it sure feels bright and sunny to look at this picture! Believe it or not, I took this at night!!

I love the pleats on this purse!

I recently decided to modify the design of my Pleated Purse. It isn't very easy to tell from these pictures, but this design in the past did not allow for the purse to have a "flat bottom." Using a technique I learned on Amy Butler's Birdie Sling, I decided to add a flat bottom to my Pleated Purse design. Adding a flat bottom to a normal square purse is fairly simple (cf. Clutch Tutorial), but I had never added one to a purse with a curved bottom before. If you'd like to implement the "flat bottom" into your Pleated Purse, here is what you need to do:

After you've sewn the two main pieces together, pinch the side seam and the bottom seam so they touch (like in the Clutch Tutorial). Instead of just sewing a straight line across like in the Clutch Tutorial, sew a curved line starting about 2" in, curving so that when you are at the seam you are about 3/4" away from the corner, and end about 2" in. Snip off any excess fabric and then continue on with the purse. You will do the same thing on the lining pieces. The end result will be a bottom that looks like this:

Here you are looking at the purse from the bottom side.

This is the side view - look how easily the purse sits up all by itself!

Let me know if the explanation makes any sense, otherwise I can post pictures on how to make the flat bottom for this purse. Thanks!


Kirra Sutton said...

That's my purse! Hooray!!! I LOVE IT! Thanks Monica!!!! I love you!

Tracey said...

So helpful with that curved bottom explanation! Great job!

Anonymous said...

hi! so i was looking at this purse compared to the one you did your tutorial on, and i am one of those sewers who is not good at improvising and needs lots of directions, so i was wondering if you could answer a question. in the newer post, i don't know what it's called, but in the coordinating fabric on the top, it's stitched on the top and bottom, and i think it looks nice. at what point did you do that? i'm not kidding about needing instructions! wonderful tutorial, and thanks for any help. :)

Monica Gee said...

That is a good question about the topstitching - you certainly have an eye for detail to notice that slight change! After you sew the yoke to the pleated portion of the purse, iron it all flat, and then topstitch along the yoke side. After that, just proceed with the rest of the directions by sewing the two main outside panels together. Hope that helps!

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