Purse Party Success

Oct 27, 2008

Whew! The last few days have been a flurry of activity (Speaking of flurries - I can't believe we are seeing weather forecasts of snow flurries in the middle of October! What in the world?). Getting everything prepped and ready for the Purse Party was a whirlwind, but a lot of fun too. The Purse party host did a fantastic job getting the word out, getting people excited about custom purses, and then feeding us a lot of great food!

I am happy to say that everything seemed to go over extremely well. I couldn't believe how creative all these ladies were - searching through my piles of fabric for the perfect piece and then using it in a completely individual and unique way! What fun to be a part of it all. Now I have lots of orders to be filling for the next few weeks. I'm still getting ready for a Craft show in 2 weeks, so that will mean I might be doing more crafting than blogging. Well, apparently a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a behind the scenes peek at the party.

A guest used my camera to capture some photos of the event, but I haven't been able to snag the computer for long enough to download them yet. I promise more pics soon! Happy crafting!


Alex and Leah Panos said...

How fun! Love the huge selection of your purses on the table. Glad business is going well!

Monica said...

Monica!! I don't know if you remember me (the "other" Monica from TMC), I am back at school now to finish my degree and wondered what ahd become of you. Illinois, huh? Cool. I like this site, the bags you make are beautiful. Well, just wanted to say hi, so HI! :-)

Monica said...

I am finishing at TMC! I have 8 units now (and senior comp-yikes), and 7 next semester, Lord willing I will graduate in May. I love the pleated purse you have on here! It is so adorable! Love the colors too.

Kirra Sutton said...

The purse party! Ya! I'm so glad it went well! Can't wait to catch up friend!

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