Thread Catcher Tutorial

Oct 30, 2008

Growing up in the home of a seamstress, I am very familiar with the mess that sewing can create. My mom had a separate sewing room (closet really!), so she was able to contain her mess into a small area. On top of that, she is excellent and organization and cleaning, so it never really created a problem in our home. Now that I am in my own place, sewing in a room that has many purposes, I find that it takes very little time at all before the excess threads, pins, fabric, etc. take over my home. I ran across this little tutorial today that I think would help keep some of that mess in its designated place.

What is it, you ask? A thread catcher! It dangles next to whatever project you are working on (next to the machine, by the ironing board, etc.) and catches all the little messes that you make in the meantime. It even has a place to stick any pins you might run into along the way. If you'd like to contain your little messes in an effective (and cute!) way, check out this tutorial and give it a try!


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