Wedding Clutches

Oct 20, 2008

Well, I've finally finished with the Wedding Clutches that I mentioned awhile back. They really don't take too long, but they involved some embroidery and that means taking my embroidery machine out of hibernation and making sure it is working properly. I used some metallic silver thread for the initials, and that proved to be particularly fussy. It was only after I managed to break a needle that I learned there are special needles to be used when sewing with metallic thread. That would have been helpful to know! I also found several helpful hints from this article. So, the next time I end up on a metallic thread sewing adventure, hopefully it will end with less frustration.
But, I digress. Back to the purpose of this post. I gave the Bride the finished clutches today and she couldn't be happier. I chose this deep Navy Blue to match her Bridesmaid's dresses and the Coral color to match the flowers in her wedding.

Here they are all cut out - just waiting for someone to come rescue them from their plight and turn them into something beautiful! Well, that may be a little dramatic, but I just love the possibilities that present themselves at the beginning of a project!

It is surprisingly difficult to take a picture of such a dark, luxurious fabric. Hopefully, this will give a little flavor of the finished project.

And one last time, with the Bride's beautiful white clutch included -YUM!

Makes me almost want to get married all over again so I could customize my Bridesmaid's gifts. I'm not sure hubby would want to go through the whole ordeal again though! :-) I guess we'll have to settle for the wonderful memories we do have of our wedding, 2 and a half years ago!


Tiff said...

Beautiful I love the navy blue fabric!

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