Back in Action

Nov 24, 2008

Ah, home sweet home. There is nothing like flying into Chicago. It is just such a beautiful sight - especially after spending four days in a town with not much to do. Seriously, there is nothing to do in Providence! (My apologies to you who may live there. I'm sure it is a lovely town but there is not much offered for tourists!) Thanks for all your kind words while I was out. The conference was very enjoyable and I had a good time hanging out with co-workers and meeting some of our authors and contributors. But, this is not the time or place for talking about publishing. So let's get back to crafting, shall we?!

While I was away two blogs did nice little features about my bags. Thanks Katie and Georgia for your kind words! I always appreciate when people share feedback about my bags. I really like to create products that are specific to each individual, so it is good to hear they are accomplishing that purpose! Thanks for being so supportive of my endeavors!

So, this week is Thanksgiving. (In case you hadn't noticed!) My husband's family are coming out to visit and we are gearing up for the feast that will soon be upon us. I'm thinking through creative ideas for centerpieces. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!

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