Holiday Greeting Cards

Nov 14, 2008

Well, folks - today it is officially less than two weeks until Thanksgiving. That means just a little over one month until Christmas. I know those words can tend to strike horror in some people, but it just had to be said. I know most of you already have a holiday to-do list that could rival the Sears tower, but we must have a talk about holiday greeting cards. I've noticed an ever increasing trend towards getting (and in some cases sending) those cards that consist of a picture + generic greeting + snowman/tree/etc. Ladies, this just doesn't cut it! Of course I like to see pictures of family and friends, but it takes little to no effort to get those printed and sent. I understand that we live in a microwave society, but the whole point of sending those cards out is to connect or reconnect with people you care about - not to simply get the whole thing done with as quickly as possible.

So, my point is, let's put a little more effort into our holiday greeting cards this year. Let's show our friends and family that we really do care about them by investing our time in making beautiful Christmas cards. If the thought of busting out paper, scissors, glue, etc. throws you into a tizzy, you can always purchase handmade cards from other crafty people. These ladies are my inspiration this year to go the extra mile and make something special for my Christmas cards:

From Jorjah-B:

Even if you end up going the simple route (I've done it too!), make sure to write something meaningful in each card you send out. After all, that's the whole point of sending Christmas cards in the first place!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thanks for the shout-out!

i'm gonna get my purse tomorrow, so next week will be my turn to give you a shout-out! i can't wait to see it and blog about it and send some of my readers your way!

i'm giddy with anticipation to see my bird bag!

Tiff said...

A great place to get ideas for handmade cards is Crafts n' Things Magazine. I love the Christmas edition. I need to go shopping for some great stuff to make my cards!

Kirra Sutton said...

Good post. Have any ideas on how to do this on a low budget? I would love some helpful pointers!

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