Purse Party Pictures

Nov 5, 2008

As someone who is usually 10 minutes early to everything, I am unaccustomed to apologizing for being so late! But, here I am, awkwardly apologizing to you all for the delay in getting the pictures up from the Purse Party. It was such a wonderful time of getting to share a bit of my passion with others. Special thanks to our first Purse Party host - Sarah, you are such a wonderful hostess! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

The whole idea of a Purse Party is to provide an environment where people can view various pre-made purses for the purpose of inspiration. They then look through a pile of *cough cough* perfectly ironed and folded fabric, with the intent of creating their own custom purse. So, to get the ball rolling, here I am displaying some of my wares.

A sampling of my purses.

And of course, some of that yummy fabric mentioned in yesterday's post. Yes, Georgia - this is all yours! :-)

Here is the rest of my fabric. Believe it or not, I have two more bins of fabric at home!

Michele looking through some of my fabric.

Can't get enough of that fabric!

Even Arnold wanted to get in on the fun!

Lovely ladies, taking a break from all the fabric to enjoy some really great food, conversation, and pictures.

More of the great food!

And here I am with my photographer-for-the day, Rochelle, and the Purse Party Host, Sarah.
What a fun day!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

It WAS a fun day. Thanks for having us!

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