Thanksgiving Masterpiece

Nov 26, 2008

My mom is an expert holiday decorator. When ever you entered our home growing up, you knew exactly what time of year it was. She always seemed to be able to balance having holiday traditions with style (i.e., the decor was never corny!). Thanksgiving was a particular favorite of our family, because my sister has a wonderful sense of humor and laughs hysterically at the sight of a turkey's back side. Yup, she thinks turkey butts are hilarious! Anyway, it became a family tradition to turn all of our turkey decorations rump-side-facing-out so that whenever she walked into the room laughter would ensue. Lots of fun!

Real life turkeys are actually pretty darn ugly. At least in my opinion! For some reason I can't get over the ugliness of their head and neck. But decorative turkeys are another thing entirely. Check out these cute turkeys and learn how to make one of your own:

And my personal favorite - the Oreo Cookie turkey. This guy has been a hit at our last two thanksgiving dinners!



Alex and Leah Panos said...

This is so cute, love all the different homemade turkeys! And thanks for still appreciating my silly turkey-behind humor :), though no turkey butts were present this year! You weren't here to move them, I guess...
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

hey, lady!

I tagged you on my tagged post at Jorjah-B (Jorjah-List). Don't feel obligated. I just thought of you when picking out six people to tag.

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