Things I Like Tuesday

Nov 11, 2008

I am happy to say that my little scheme to make Tuesday more pleasant is working nicely! Well, I don't know if it is helping your day, but it is certainly working for me! I woke up this morning all excited to post about some of the things I really like right now. I even spent some time yesterday thinking and planning (and photographing) the things I like. It is amazing how thinking about things that you like (or are thankful for) can really brighten up your whole demeanor. Anyway, here is the list for today.

1. Holiday drinks at coffee shops! Usually, I am all about the Starbuck's holiday drinks, but since moving to the Midwest over a year ago, I've been excited about Caribou Coffee. This year they have a smashing holiday drink list and I just love it! My favorite is the Ho Ho Mint Mocha. Does a drink really get any better than this? Chocolate, mint, sprinkles, whip cream, and caffeine? Awesome!

2. My new purse. Believe it or not, every once in awhile I snatch one of the purses from my store and use it for my personal purse. Not only is it a great marketing tool, it is just fun to have the flexibility to change it up everyonce in awhile. My newest purse is a modified form of my Pleated Purse. I added piping to the pattern, and I think it really gives it a fun kick. It also utilizes my favorite color (dark purple/cranberry) and some of my favorite fabric. Yum!

3. Sunsets. I've always loved sunsets. In highschool I had such an obsession with sunsets I was always running up to the roof to take pictures of the magnificent view. (OK, that makes it sound more dramatic than it was - we had a roof deck and I lived a couple blocks from the beach. You would probably take pictures too!) I normally hate the end of Daylight Savings Time, but I do love getting to see the sunset every evening, right when I get off work. The building I work in has a glass ceiling in some parts, so as I walk out I get to see the fabulous midwestern sunsets. Love it!

4. Getting to wear my favorite scarf. There are some good things about the cold weather coming - sweaters and scarves. I've also had a fascination with scarves for awhile, but now I have a favorite one that usually trumps all others. My mom bought me this scarf last year when she took a trip to England. I just love the European feel of this scarf - it makes me feel like traveling! Plus, it is brown, soft, and beautiful. What's not to love? (What do you think of my self portrait?)

5. Belles Lettres Designs. My good friend Katie has finally joined the blogging world to share her talent with calligraphy. I am so excited! I asked Katie to write up our wedding vows last February for a Valentine's Day gift for the hubster. They came out so lovely!

OK - that's it until next Tuesday! Hope you all have a great day!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

scarves almost make winter worth it, don't they?

thanks for the calligraphy link. i will be checking it out—as i love anything having to do with type (and my mom is a calligrapher).

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