Things I Like Tuesdays

Nov 4, 2008

I have never really been a fan of Tuesdays. I'm not exactly sure when my dislike for Tuesday began, but I believe it was somewhere in elementary school. Wednesday has always been my favorite day of the week. On Wednesdays you are over half way through the work (or school) week, Thursdays might as well be Friday, Fridays are always fun and relaxed days, Saturday is the start of another weekend, Sundays are good for fellowship at church and taking naps (not at church!), then Mondays are alive with the possibilities of a new week. But Tuesdays . . . as far as I can tell there is nothing special about them!

So, in the midst of another disenchanting Tuesday, I thought it might be time to introduce something new and exciting to this forlorn day. Thus I have created "Things I Like Tuesdays". I have always enjoyed reading through others lists of the things they like, so why shouldn't I have such a list myself? And furthermore, having to think about things I like on a day that I don't like seems like a fun challenge. We'll see how it goes.
To launch off "Things I Like Tuesdays", I'll start with 5 things I am digging these days. I'd love to hear about what suits your fancy, too!

1. The fact that after today, I won't have to hear "You Decide 2008" anymore. {{Crossing fingers!}} I appreciate the opportunity we have to vote in this country, but the length and magnitude of this election has me all tuckered out. Don't get me wrong, I voted and the results of this election matter to me - but I am enjoying the thought of not hearing about it for awhile!

2. Anna Marie Horner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabric. And I recently discovered her blog which makes me all the happier.

3. The warm weather we are having here in Chicago! Just one week ago we had a short cold spell that brought on some snow-ish type precipitation. That just makes me all the more grateful for the sunny 70's we've been seeing for the last few days.

4. My dad. Well, he is definitely in the "things I like everyday" category, not just Tuesdays! But last Thursday was his birthday, so it has me thinking even more about how blessed I am to have a "papa" like him. My parents went on a birthday camping trip to Santa Barbara and took this fun pic on the trip. I love you, daddy!

5. These cute little zippered pouches. I think I made five of them this weekend. They are such a great size and so easy too! Plus, I love lined pouches, and you just can't find too many tutorials with instructions for that.

Hope that brightens up your Tuesday!


Alex and Leah Panos said...

This did brighten my day because you're so cute! And I love our daddy too!
And those really are happy fabrics :)

Monica said...

You hate Tuesdays? I thought it was supposed to be Mondays that were gross? Oh well! :-) Hey, my sister makes bags as well, might be interesting to check out:
(I hope that link works?) I showed my mom your Etsy site and she was so excited to see what you make, as she is a seamstress herself. Me, I am not sewingly-inclined.. sad, I know. :-)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

i'm gonna have to agree with no. 2!
is that where the fabric for my bag is from?

i enjoyed this post and getting to learn a little bit about you.

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