Christmas Eve Update

Dec 24, 2008

Well, I know I am technically on a blogging break, but oddly enough, I miss this strange venue of communicating with all of you. As I am cozily sitting by the fire, listening to Elvis Christmas, admiring our beautiful Christmas tree with squeaking angel tree topper, and have a full belly of In-N-Out, I can't think of another place I'd rather be. Sharing it with all of you just makes it seem that much more perfect! I hope your holidays are slowing down and you are able to take in the things that really matter at this time of year!
We've been in CA for 6 days and have thoroughly thawed out. I've spent several mornings on the front porch enjoying the 60-something weather while watching people all bundled up walk down the street. It gives me a good laugh! Anyway, we've been celebrating since Saturday and have had our share of Christmas light watching, a boat parade, knitting, puzzling, lots of family, amazing food, a little shopping, and even opening of presents. What fun!
This is actually the first time I've checked the internet while we've been here, and I came across some lovely news! The Bolsa Chica has gotten an award from Ruby Chickadee!

Woohoo! What a fun award. I'm supposed to pass it on to others, but I will wait until after the holidays to do that. For now, I'm just going to enjoy this moment and spend some quality time with my wonderful family. Hope you are all doing well and I'll be back to normal blogging soon!


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