Crafty Frames

Dec 8, 2008

My good friend Kirra has just posted a wonderful tutorial on how to make these adorable frames.

Not only would they make any room feel like home, they make great presents too! If you are looking for a personalized gift that looks better than something bought from the store, you simply must make some of these. I just think they are great.

In other news, I finished mailing out my Christmas cards today. Woohoo! What a relief. On that note, I just wanted to say that I hope no one is feeling guilty because of my post on making your own Christmas cards. I've had a couple people apologize to me for sending picture cards for Christmas and that makes me feel awful! That is not what I intended at all. I use this blog for accountability to finish the projects I say I am going to start and for helping inspire people to try something new -- not to make people feel guilty! This time of year, you should be commended for getting cards out at all (regardless if they were handmade) with such busy schedules! Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!


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