It's Mine!

Dec 15, 2008

Friday was a very good day! I got two wonderful surprises when I came home from work: a really generous Christmas bonus from work and my first Christmas present from the hubster! We decided we were just going to do stockings for each other this year, but one present he bought just wouldn't fit in my stocking, so he decided to just give it to me on Friday. So, does my husband know me well or what?

Yep, the book that I have been drooling over for the last 3 months is finally mine! I am so enamored with all the pictures and projects, I've looked through the whole things several times. It is even more amazing than I imagined! I've already got my first project picked out, but it is a present, so you won't see any pictures until the recipient has it in her hands! The best kind of presents are the ones that enable you to give presents. :-)

In other news (drum roll please!), I finished the quilt! I tend to be so scatter brained when working on a quilt, so I rarely crank them out, but I think this is definitely up there in being the second or third longest-amount-of-time I've spent on one. The longest lasted a couple of years. **Cringe.** It really wasn't entirely my fault though. It is a quilt I inherited from my Grandmother who inherited it from a friend. Yes, three different people worked on this poor little quilt! By the time it got to me there were a few mistakes so I had to do some ripping out, but I was so happy not to be cutting out the pieces that I didn't mind much at all. I was also in college at the time so I could only work on it during winter or summer breaks. The double-wedding ring quilt is now daily used while snuggling on the couch. The second longest was a quilt I worked on in highschool. It was a block-a-month quilt, so again, not really my fault for the length of time. This one has been in process (off-and-on) since June and is now finally finished. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I can!


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