Dec 5, 2008

I am what I call an intermediate scrapbooker. My first craft-love will always be sewing, but I do dabble in scrapbooking and card making from time to time. I don't go all out and buy all the fancy stickers and labels (it's not that I don't like them, I just don't have the time, patience, or money for them!), but I do try to make each page unique and coordinate various papers to convey a general theme.

You may remember a few months ago I decided to take on restoring my childhood photos. I am happy to report that after many hours of cleaning old photos, cutting down the pictures to size, and many trips to the store for more double-sided photo-safe tape: I'm done! 14 years of my life have been preserved in picture form in a photo-safe scrapbook. Here is a little sampling.

I love this page!

Can you tell what decade I grew up in by the clothes/glasses my parents are wearing? :-)

I remember that summer like it was yesterday!

Anyway, my favorite part of this whole process was going through all of my childhood memories. I have been blessed in so many ways - wonderful family, growing up by the beach, traveling a lot as a child, and much more! There is something about looking at your past that gives so much hope for the future - it reminds me of the things that I want to bring into my new family as we build our own family traditions.

Now, back to writing those Christmas cards . . .


Katie said...

These look fantastic! I have played around with the idea of doing something like this, but I am such a beginner at scrapbooking that I am terrified at screwing up these pictures. Did you feel that way at all? My main craft is with yarn, and don't do much scrapbooking.

Kirra Sutton said...

OOOOOoooooo! I can't wait to look at this the next time I'm at your place!

Monica Gee said...

Katie, I understand what you mean! With sewing (or knitting) you can always reverse things if they start going badly, but everything with scrapbooking seems so much more permanent. I'd say, start with make some cards or working with photos that you can reprint if necessary, so you don't feel a lot of pressure. You can also buy scrapbook kits that will give you ideas for pages and everything you will need to make them. Those are good ways to start. Good luck!

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