Things I Like Tuesday

Dec 16, 2008

The weeks are certainly flying by, aren't they? Next week at this time I will be in sunny California enjoying time with my family. We leave on Friday evening and are praying that the weather clears up long enough that we can get out of O'Hare without too much of a delay! I'll be taking a blogging break while we are in CA, but I'll be back on the 29th. I am sure you'll find some other way to occupy your time with out me! :-)
So, here is my Things I Like Tuesday:

1. White Christmas. In my opinion there are three great Christmas movies that deserve to be watched ever year: White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and Miracle on 34th Street. There are other fun ones too (Elf, Home Alone, etc.), but those three have really stood the test of time. I can't say that I really like White Christmas more than the others, but it does make my list this week since I've seen it most recently. It is just good wholesome fun, great music (that I know every word of!), and romance. Just classic.

2. I often have inexplicable emotions. I guess that is probably part of being a girl. Most the time I find these random emotions irritating, but every once and awhile I will have an overwhelming sense of being satisfied. I'll look around and my life and say - for this one moment, everything is really good. I had one of those moments last night while driving home with my hubby, listening to good music (see #3), wearing my new favorite hat, after spending time with some good friends, and looking forward to being in our cozy apartment when it is below zero outside. No picture for this one, because my perfect moment is probably different from yours, and I'd like you to think of the things that make you perfectly happy.
3. On to that music I mentioned in #2 - Mates of State. Hubby discovered this indie band and introduced me to it yesterday. It is a perfect blend between mellow, thoughtful, and happy. Of course, the music is interesting and the artists are talented too! I like it!

4. Jubilee Campaign. This is a ministry that focuses on rescuing women out of sexual slavery in countries like India. Many of the women then make jewelry (and other items), which they sell to help support the ministry. By purchasing a bracelet like the one below, you be helping support this important work. Beautiful jewelry and supporting a worthy cause? That is two gifts in one!

5. Soule Mama. This is one of my favorite blogs. I'm not really sure why, but every time I start to read it I just get sucked into her world. The pictures are beautiful, the way she talks about her children is awe-inspiring, and her crafts are wonderful. I am sure she is just as busy (if not more so with a newborn!) as I am, but she always manages to sit still and enjoy the things around her. I respect that.


Alex and Leah Panos said...

Yay, I always like your Tuesday blogs :). And hands down, those are the best Christmas movies ever...but maybe that's because we watched them together for at least 20-some years! And California isn't so sunny at the moment with these crazy, tree-knocking rainstorms, but it's way warmer than your place and I'm sure it will be beautiful and clean when you're here! It's actually supposed to rain on Christmas too, which will probably be a first in lifetime (for Southern California anyway :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Clarks said...

I've never heard of Jubilee Campaign. I'm definitely going to check them out. We had a similar ministry come to our church this Sunday called Trade as One, We got some cool Christmas gifts for family members and were really glad to be contributing to such an awesome ministry.

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