Things I Like Tuesday

Dec 30, 2008

This week is easy-peasy. I don't want this to turn into a brag session, but I really love some of the Christmas presents I got this year. These are a few of my favorite things from my friends and family:

1. My itsy-bitsy, electric blue iPod Nano. Yay - I am finally joining the 21st century. Can you believe it? This is actually my first official iPod. I already packed it full of my favorite tunes and have been listening non-stop. Well, I have taken a few breaks, but you get the point!

2. My new wallet from hubby. As much as I love making things, it is nice to receive a nice leather gift every now and again. This wallet is just perfect for me - it is a lovely shade of redish pink, has more pockets than even I know what to do with, and it is super silky smooth. Yum.

3. Chia Herb Garden. I've never seen if these things actually work or not, but by golly, I'm going to give it a try. While I live in an apartment I don't have much hope for a real herb garden, but maybe this will work? I am excited to give it a try and my mouth is already watering thinking about the yummy foods I will make with fresh herbs.
4. A lovely handmade gift from a dear friend. It is a small wall hanging that is the perfect blend between modern, classic, french, and my love for languages. I can't wait to find the right spot for it in my office!

5. Sewing books! You know all about the Seams to Me book that my hubby gave me, but I haven't told you about the Little Stitches book that my sister-in-law gave me. I literally squealed when I opened it on Christmas day. I can't wait to try all these new patterns!


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