'Tis the Season

Dec 1, 2008

It may not be officially Winter according to the calendar (at least not until December 21st) but it is officially Christmastime as far as I am concerned! The turkey has been consumed (and successfully cooked I might add!), the pumpkins have been taken down, the tree is up and decorated, the first significant snow has fallen - it is definitely time for Christmas! I was fortunate enough to get my Christmas shopping done early (well, most of it anyway!). So, now I am starting to think of ways to beautify all the presents before they reach their intended recipients. Here are some websites to help you with wrapping up your presents this year:

Unfortunately, we fly home for Christmas, so we have to leave the wrapping to the last minute. Otherwise, presents can end up getting unwrapped when they go through airport security. Just because it will be last minute doesn't mean it has to be sloppy! This is going to be a busy week here at the Bolsa Chica, so stay tuned for some updates!


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