Interesting Finds

Jan 30, 2009

Well, y'all are just as hungry for free fabric as I usually am! I've got three stacks of fabric to give away, so I'll pick three names on Monday to see who the lucky winners are!

In other news, I found a tutorial for a really cute purse. I really want to try it when my list of things to do becomes a little more manageable! I mean really, how cute is this?

Also, I just found out you can order custom postage stamps! I love this idea. I don't know how long it has been around, but you can put whatever you want on a stamp. I wish I had known that when I was sending out wedding invitations. What a cool way to make your envelope that much more special!

Finally, I am so excited that my good friend Katie has started stocking her etsy shop with greeting cards! I've told you about her calligraphy before, but now you can buy something for yourself. Actually, this goes quite well with the custom postage stamp idea! I'm sure you could get a custom V-Day one from her too!


kristin said...

Would love some free fabric! :) You have a fabulous blog and you make such great bags and quilts! I recently started my first quilt and can't wait to make more.

Amy said...

I would love fabric that you are giving away!! I always am looking for new fabrics to create with. I love the little Key Fab you made me in Trendy Brown and Pink!


Cute purse!

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