Just in Case . . .

Jan 22, 2009

. . . you occassionally crave chocolate like I do, I thought you might enjoy this yummy (looking and I'm guessing tasting) little recipe for Brownies.

. . . you need a laugh in the midst of a cold winter, check out this video my husband made.

. . . you want to win a stylish purse just for coming up with a clever name, visit Uhandblog.

. . . you'd like dinner to make itself while you go about your day, check out this lovely crockpot recipe blog. It really is an amazing resource.

. . . you are in need of some handmade baby supplies and are in the mood for a bargain, visit my friend's etsy shop. Her shop is closing due to the new federal regulations on items marketed to children under 12. Take advantage of her great products before it is too late!


Sarah Stride said...

wow.. that is ridiculously funny!! brilliant, Brian! how is it that the californians are teaching the illinoians this stuff!!

Katie Newman said...

Ok, yeah, Brian's video is halarious!

Monica Gee said...

Isn't he so cute in that hat?

Rochelle said...

I noticed Brian's video the other day and forgot to tell you... love it!! I think it's hilarious all the words and music he put together with it too. :) very clever. Love that snow! Good job Brian.

Thanks for all those links. I heard about her etsy shop closing... what ridiculous new laws on that!! :(

Thanks for sharing! :)

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