More on V-Day

Jan 26, 2009

Did someone ask for V-Day ideas? Well, I'm by not means an expert, but have done a few fun things over the years that might help inspire you.

For pre-significant other days: I would make things for friends! Not quite a romantic, but certainly fulfilling. I've made heart shape pillows, quilts, good old-fashioned handmade Valentine's Day cards, etc. My mom is also really good at sending out little gifts on V-Day to make you feel special. I've gotten heart underwear with a box of Hot Tamales (with a note - you are one hot tamale!), a mug from Starbucks with hugs/kisses inside, and many other things that I'm sure I am forgetting now.

For dating/engagement: My first V-Day with a very, very special significant other was when I was engaged to my husband. It was perfect timing for me to make a count-down until the wedding calendar. I mounted our picture on foam board and had a custom notepad made at Kinko's. You can make any custom notepad you want by cutting your paper the same size, writing or printing on the pieces, taking them to a place like Kinko's, and have them put glue on one side. It was really special!

For marriage: Well, these are ones that I have used so far in marriage, some of them probably could be adapted to non-married folk. Our first year married I put together a gift basket where each individual piece was designed for one of the 5 sense - nice candles for aroma, a new CD for audio, his favorite food/candy for taste, etc. Last year, we had to keep it a little more simple because of budget, but I had a good friend write up our Wedding Vows in calligraphy. They now hang over our bed and we just love having them there as a reminder to us. I also cooked heart-shaped pancakes for the morning-of and prepared a special chocolate fondue dessert after dinner. I've also created little lists of "14 reasons I love you" and hid the various reasons around the house for him to find. There are just so many ways to show that special someone you care!

Well, that is it from my experience. I'll be sharing ideas from all over the world wide web later this week. Be sure to drop a line if you have some ideas too!


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