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Jan 13, 2009

I can't believe its Tuesday! Where did the time go? Sorry for the silence around here, I've been a little preoccupied, a little under the weather, and a little unfocused the past few days. I almost completely forgot about Things I Like Tuesday! The sewing has been to a minimum around my house. I managed to put a border around a quilt that I've been working on and to cut out fabric for a new quilt. Other than that, I've been getting by with everything else that descends on you in life.

All that to say, I haven't really thought about "the things I like." There are a few random things that come to mind (like big soft pretzels and sales on my favorite fabrics), but other than that I feel like it would be a little artificial to post a long list of things that I vaguely enjoy. So, I'm afraid I must leave you with no list this Tuesday.

Instead, why not tell me some of the things that you are liking? I'd love to hear about whatever suits your fancy! Being that this is my 100th post, I think I'll even throw in a prize. Hmmm, that brightens my outlook immensely! A give-away! Yay! So, go ahead and comment on this post, tell me something you like right now, and I'll pick someone to win something special from my store. I'll post a picture soon of the prize that is in store for our winner. So, comment-away!


Rochelle said...

Yippee! :) I've missed your posts but I sure do understand. You can read my things I like on my blog or you can add in that I like big soft pretzels too :) - but have to admit I'm really missing my Panda. Panda. Panda. oohhhhhhh.

Wow, 100 posts - way to go pretty lady!!

Katie Newman said...

The more entries the more chances to win? Just kidding :)
Ok, I like...
1- Nonfat Vanilla Chai from Starbucks
2- The Starbucks lids in IL, they are lame in CA now
3- time off work hanging out with the hubby and friends
4- your blog!
5- the iPhone
6- getting my nails done...doesn't a fresh coat of nailpolish and foot massage just help so much?
7- Over the Rhine music

Ok, I could keep going...but this is your blog and not mine after all ;)

Rachel said...

I like portillos chocolate-cake shakes! YUM! I split one with a co-worker today!! :)

Katie said...

Since you wrote about a quilt, I want to share my favorite idea for my wedding I'm planning:
A quilted guest book. I am loving this idea right now. You pre-cut a bunch of squares whatever size you pre-determine. Each guest gets their own square to sign with fabric pens. Then you quilt them all together. And you have a useful blanket!

Kirra Sutton said...

Aw! I really like your lists- but I understand! Um I'll just name a few of my favorites right now:
1. Bare Escentuals makeup. I am literally hooked now. My momma and I got some over Christmas and it is the best makeup I've ever had- and I have tried almost everything out there!
2. Sovereign Grace's Psalms CD
3. My warm slippers that are thawing out my feet right now.
4. Sweaters
5. A good Steak with A1 sauce (I'm craving it right now).

I love you! Can't wait to see you oh so soon if we can plan it out!

Angie said...

I like sitting in the service department of my car dealership with my mp3 player, my knitting and no kids! For three wonderful hours!

The Clarks said...

Congrats on 100!
Things I like:
1. Arts and Crafts with my boys
2. Austin Stone (my church)
3. Facebook (I just got on and I'm hooked)
4. The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno

Boutique By Bonnie said...

I like all-wheel-drive and heated seats when it snows like it did yesterday morning!

Monica said...

i know how you feel. I've been slacking on the sewing due to no new fabric since we are trying to save some money..so no sewing = lack of posting on the ol' blog. I'm all about a give away!

Sarah Stride said...

I've enjoyed the Things I Like Tuesdays ever since you started them. What a good idea to turn it around on your readers. Here's my list:
1. My garage. This is my second winter now that I've owned my own attached garage. There is nothing I could be more thankful for during the snowiest winter I can remember for quite some time now! Believe it or not, I'm not sick of all this snow yet, and I think my garage is a big part of that.
2. I've always loved Motown music, but I've been really obsessed with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons lately. I have a sneaking suspicion that a certain special someone might be surprising me with Jersey Boys tickets for our anniversary in a couple of weeks! How appropriate!
3. Homeowners Insurance. What a blessing my insurance company has been during a time that there has been an abundance of water in places that there shouldn't be.
4. My kitties. They bring so much joy into my life daily. I look forward to their eager greetings each morning when I first wake up, and at my front door when I return home from work. Last night they both snuggled in my lap in front of the fireplace. I couldn't ask for better animal companions!
5. The Office. I recently watched all of the seasons on DVD and I'm hooked. Somehow I missed an episode on the DVD's and that rerun happened to be on last night. What a treat! The episode happened to be about free soft pretzel day. Also very appropriate!

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

Nikki said...

Oh ok lets try! What I really like right now is reading your blog on tuesdays! SUCK UP! I know. But I seriously LOATH Wednesdays! oohhh and it is wednesday today... *shiver* Mondays are the start of a brand new week and for me Tuesdays just fly by, Thursdays mean Office and 30 Rock which is kinda sad that this is what I look forward to all day but hey, and then Friday is that glorious day where all hell breaks loose within me. But it never fails, when Wednesday rolls around I think "yippeeeee its Thursday!" only to be crushed *mind you, EVERY WEEK* that it is wednesday. This is why I like your blog on Tuesdays because on Wed it makes me think about when my mom used to tell me to name one good thing going on when I am being a debbie downer, and it helps and I totally want to rip off the idea from you. There :)

kristin said...

I love sewing something pretty with gorgeous fabric while listening to great music and consuming yummy beverages!

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