Quilt in Process

Jan 16, 2009

Winter seems like the best time of the year to be quilting (at least for the few moments a day when I'm not wrapped up in a completed one!). My mom gave me a new quilt pack for Christmas and I've been busy cutting out the fabric. Here is the progress so far.

And I mentioned the other day that I managed to put the border on another quilt I've had in the queue for awhile. The colors don't really come across that well, but the very provencial feel does. I just love the theme and the quilt pattern combination. This came from another pack that my mom gave me. She treats me pretty well, eh? What would I do without her!?

Oh, and here is the fabric for the binding (yellow) and the back (blue).
I just love quilting!


Rochelle said...

Oooohhh very pretty! Your mom rocks :)

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