Things I Like Tuesday (V-Day edition)

Jan 27, 2009

Well, since I'm on a bit of a Valentine's Day theme, I thought that this week's "Things I Like Tuesday" would revolve around some of my favorite V-Day things. Most of these are pretty standard, but I really do love them (and afterall, this is my list!).

1. Chocolate. I love chocolate. I used to be more of a fruity, sweet, or sour type of girl, but over the years chocolate has been my go-to sweet. I love m&m's, Hershey's chocolate bars, Dove, gourmet chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries - oh the list could go on! I just love, love, love chocolate.

2. Valentine's Day fabric. Don't ask me why, but little whimsical hearts on fabric just make me go a little gaga. Last year my hubby put up with my obsession for Valentine's day fabric and allowed me to make a whole quilt out of it! It is one of my favorites!

3. StarGazer Lilies with Red Roses. My all time favorite flower combination. Thankfully, my husband is one of those guys that always remembers my favorite flower so I've gotten quite a few of these bouquets over the years.

4. Thoughtful Surprises. The first year we were married my husband had a long commute to work and had to get up way earlier than me. I remember being so sad that I wouldn't seen him until the evening on our first V-Day together. So, he surprised me by creating a little scavenger hunt in the morning. I woke up to trails of hershey kisses leading me to various presents all over our little apartment. It was irresistibly cute!
5. Fine Dining. We rarely get a chance to go to a really nice restaurant, but we usually try to do something special for V-Day. I love our local Adelle's, which is known for its Zagat rated "Fine American Fare". Last year, we went to a really spiffy place downtown (can't remember the name for some reason), which was also a nice treat. It is always fun to get dressed up and enjoy some gourmet food with my favorite person.

Perhaps now you can see why I like V-Day so much?


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Rochelle said...

Aw, you guys are SO cute!! I love your likes list and your V-Day ideas. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see you again soon!!!

Sherah said...

You are quite the creative genius :) Thanks for sharing the v-day tips! You're making me excited for Feb. 14th :)

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