Things I Like Tuesday

Jan 6, 2009

1. A Fresh Snowfall. After a big rain a little over a week ago, we haven't had any new snow. It is nice to see the ground peaking out for a bit, but the old piles of snow get hard and dirty looking in the meantime. This morning we woke up to a fresh coat of snow and it looks beautiful.

2. This fabulous fabric. I've been using this fabric for a custom purse order and I have really fallen in love with it. I paired it with a deep purple for the lining of the purse and for some external piping. Just scrumptious!

3. Skype. We got a new laptop for Christmas and it has a built in camera. So, we've been using Skype with video to talk (and see!) our families back in CA. It makes the distance seem so much less when I can see live video of my family, our dog, and other random things that don't quite translate over the phone.

4. This adorable bag by U-Handbag. So nice. Maybe I can draft a pattern for a similar one...

5. Memory tumblers from Stabucks. They allow you to customize your on-the-go coffee mug with what you'd like to put inside. Brian and I bought some yesterday with a gift card from Christimas and we can't wait to give them a try. We are going to have a little craft night tonight and assemble our favorite pictures.


Rochelle said...

Love it! :)

Yo, editor, you misspelled Starbucks and Christmas. ;)

Tee hee, just had to tease you. I do the same thing sometimes on blogging, it's kind of fun not to have to overly worry about it like at work.

Monica Gee said...

Oh my, that is a little awkward. Oh well, just shows that none of us are perfect!

Katie Newman said...

i love the green and white fabric!

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