Fabric Winners

Feb 6, 2009

OK, I divided my stash into three piles so that shipping costs won't get out of control. That also means that there are three winners! Drumroll please . . . .

1. Katie who said, "Ooh! I would love to inherit your fabric pieces. Is Boston too far away?"
Nope, Boston is not too far!

2. Angie who said, "I always love more fabric and I am also teaching my 6 year old to sew so I need some that I don't have plans for! Please email me at angie_nelson@comcast.net. Thanks, Angie"
Hope this stash will help your little one learn more about sewing!

3. DeannaLynn who said, "I am now constantly on the search for fabric. My new favorite past time is making log cabin blocks. I have about 3 quilts in mind, but not near the fabric I apparently need for them. It would be awesome if my name got tossed into the hat."
Happy quilting!

If the winners could contact me with shipping info, I'd be happy to get the fabric on its way. E-mail me at monicajgee [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!


Katie said...

I got my fabric package yesterday! I am really excited about all the different types of fabrics. I tend mostly to just buy lightweight cotton fabrics, so I am excited that there are heavier weight fabrics with very interesting patterns. Thank you!

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