A Few Interesting Finds

Feb 19, 2009

Have I mentioned how inspired I am by all you crafty-blogging folks out there? Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by all the amazing things you guys are making and sharing on your blogs. So, today I'd like to highlight some of the things that I'm currently being inspired by on the web.

I am totally digging this pattern from A Friend to Knit With. I know, I've talked and talked about knitting since Christmas and have produced very little in that department. But these hats look so easy and so fast and sooo cute. I think I might just have to try them! Plus, I've got a long car ride ahead of me this weekend (going to a wedding in Louisville, KY), so it might be the perfect time. Oh, and the -0 temps this morning reminded me that winter is still very much in full swing. A cute new hat might be the thing that helps me push through!

OK, this one is inspirational in more ways than one. I've always loved the idea of crafting for a cause. Having a dozen gorgeous quilts in your closet is great and all, but giving quilts away to people in need seems so much more valuable. I've helped make quilts for my mom's church which has a quilting ministry (how cool is that?), but haven't really been able to find another cause I'd like to craft for. Well, I just heard about the Bushfire Quilt Project which is trying to get quilts to people who have been affected by the recent devastating fires in Australia. The cause might seem a little obscure, but they make participating so easy! All you have to do is put together some blocks using a pattern they've provided and some fabric scraps from you stash, send them off, and you're done!

Lastly, there is a Good Folks give-away (you know, that Anna Marie Horner fabric I've been raving on and on about) over at The Long Thread. That fabric is just so lovely and of course any type of give-away is inspiring. It allows me to daydream a little about what I would make with the fabric if I won. Of course I could just buy the fabric. :-)

So, that's my inspirational list for this chilly morning. What inspires you?


Katie Newman said...

Ooh, I love those fabrics at the bottom...so colorful, it's time for Spring already :)

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