I'm in Love

Feb 27, 2009

So, I'm not sure when it happened. I think it has been slowly progressing since I first knew I had a bun in the oven. Not only am I completely in love with the little one who is growing inside me, I'm in love with all things baby.

I love reading about the various weekly stages of growth and change.
I love reading about how to naturally care for my baby once he/she arrives.
I love this fabric mobile.
I love this idea to create unique teaching tools.
I love handmade baby items.
I love this toy bucket.
I love this idea for making a block puzzle.

Yes, I love, love, love all things baby. I never thought it would happen to me since I normally detest cutesy, pastel, frilly, little things. But it happened. And I am loving every minute of it!


Rochelle said...

awww, so sweet :) Thanks for sharing those links.

Alex and Leah Panos said...

You're nesting. :)

DeannaLynn said...

Yay, I received the fabric yesterday and I love it all! Thank you so much! I some great uses for some of it already.

Kirra Sue said...

aw! yous gonna be a momma! hooray! :) it still makes me so happy and so thankful!

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