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Feb 11, 2009

All right folks, the search is on to find the perfect pattern/tutorial/inspiration piece for my diaper bag. As a soon to be first time mom, I'm not sure what exactly I should include in the diaper bag of my dreams. I found this tutorial and am thinking it might be a good launching place. (By the way, I also need to make a bag for hubby because he refuses to carry a bag that is remotely feminine or baby-looking. Could be interesting.)

I'd love to hear if any of you have used a pattern or tutorial that you'd recommend. Or even if you have had kids or know about diaper bags, give me some feedback about the essentials. Thanks!


Caitlin said...

hey, i don't even know you but i still read your blog..your stuff is super cute ( i am a friend of kirras). anyways i've got two little boys and have had the same diaper bag for 2.5 years and love it. its a petunia pickle bottom. it has great favorite is that it can be worn as a comes in really handy. anyways can't wait to see what you come up with and maybe if i ever have a little girl i can purchase one from you. :)

Darning Diva said...

Hey! I think that's a beautiful bag! My only requirements in a diaper bag are that they have enough pockets so that everything doesn't just get smashed to the bottom. A pocket just for mom is a must too so you can find your keys, wallet, cell, etc. with ease. Like the previous poster, I like mine because I can wear it as a back pack. Maybe you could make the straps on this one adjustable so it could be worn like a messenger bag or a shoulder bag. There's something to be said about not having to hike your bag back onto your shoulder while carrying your little one. As for Brian's bag, maybe make it similar but a tad smaller (guys tend to not carry as much stuff) and maybe make it out of something masculine, like canvas. I hope this helps and can't wait to see what you come up with.

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