Things I Like Tuesday

Feb 10, 2009

Today I almost didn't need any lifting of spirits (despite it being a Tuesday)! I was in such a good mood I nearly forgot to post my weekly list. But really, how can you blame me? It is in the low 60's today (a record high for this time of year), the breeze has a crispness to it, and the snow is all melted. Its just too gorgeous not to be in a good mood. Plus, I had my favorite Mexican lunch without gagging. This hasn't happened in over a month! Woohoo!

1. Good Folks. I may have mentioned this before, but I love Anna Marie Horner's line of fabrics. It is just fabulous. And now she even has a few of her fabrics available in oilcloth. Drool.

2. Editing. In my real life, I work at a publishing company and dabble in editing and proofreading (hard to believe with how many errors I make in blog posting). Today I realized once again how much I love editing when I found an error in an existing product (I was only happy because I didn't edit this project, normally I get a little sad when I find errors that I have previously missed). It literally made me giddy to catch an error that another publisher missed. Its a little sick really.

3. V-day Fabric cards. OK, I know I already told you all about these, but that was before I actually made some. They are just lovely. I had so much fun on this no-sew project and had a blast thinking about the people I was making them for. I haven't sat at my sewing machine in a little while, but it felt good to be playing with some fabric.

4. Fat Quarter Month. The whole month of February Sew Mama Sew is giving ideas for how to use Fat Quarters, providing info about them, giving some away, etc. It is just so much fun. I especially like this little purse that they came up with.

5. Birthdays and Anniversaries. I love any reason to celebrate (like every holiday imaginable), but birthdays and anniversaries are extra special. This week I am celebrating the anniversary of the best decision I have ever made. Ten years ago I decided to commit my life to God. Something I've been striving to do every day since. Happy Anniversary to me!


Alex and Leah Panos said...

Happy 10th birthday! :) Mine's this month too (my 9th)!

Busy Nothings said...

Happy birthday!

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