Things I Like Tuesday

Feb 24, 2009

1. Random pictures of animals. Yes, I'm one of those people that thinks those pictures of cats and dogs with captions are hilarious. I don't go so far as to forward them to all my friends, but every once and awhile you come across one that is a little too perfect. Like this one quoting a favorite movie.
2. Portillo's. The Midwest just wouldn't be the same without it. I enjoyed a perfect hot dog last night with their yummy crinkle cut fries. So good.

3. Grace Violet. I love coming across new (at least new to me) craft blogs that inspire. This one is definitely at the top of my list. I love so many of her ideas and can't wait to give some of them a go!

4. The Bella Band. Some how I learned about these and am so thankful that I did! I know it will only become more useful as my pregnancy progresses, but for now they enable me to wear pants that I otherwise couldn't. I appreciate that!

5. The Simple Dollar. I just recently stumbled across this site and am thoroughly enjoying it. So much so I've spent quite a bit of time going through past posts and educating myself. I highly recommend it!


Maggie said...

It's funny. I'd just mentioned Portillo's to a friend of mine from the Chicago area. I've been craving a hot dog ever since.

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