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Mar 2, 2009

Monday is always a bit of a slap in the face. While I still have an intense dislike for Tuesdays, Mondays are a close second. I think the worst part about Mondays are Sunday evenings. I always spend the evening in a bit of a funk because I know the weekend is almost over. It's silly really. Instead of enjoying the last hours of the weekend, I mope about the coming week. Last night my wonderful husband encouraged me to get busy instead of getting bummed. It actually worked quite well! I've had a long sewing to-do list hanging over my head, and it felt really good to get some of those items checked off (even if it was on a Sunday evening!).

So, on the "done" list I've added:
1 custom pleated purse
3 custom checkbooks
8 bridesmaid clutches (in process, but the tedious embroidery part is finished)

Now that I'm beginning to get my head cleared from those orders, my mind drifts more and more often to all the fun things I want to make. As you know from last Friday's post, baby related items are at the top of my fun list. (Can you tell I really like lists?) So, when I came across this beautiful new fabric, I immediately thought of about 10 things I could make with it. Don't you think it rides the line between masculine and feminine?

Clearly the flowers put it on the feminine side, but the colors are so neutral that I think it could work for a boy too. Maybe this would be a good fabric for my diaper bag. Anyway, it is from a new line "Natural Effects" by Michele D'Amore and every piece in the collection is just fabulous. What do you think?



I like the fabric. It rides the line between the two. However, I would not make anything for a man out of it. With that being said, it would make good bedroom curtains. It would be good for a table runner, napkins, pillows....very tasteful.

Pam said...

I love the fabric. In fact, I am looking for a new fabric for bedroom curtains and this might just work. The quilt on my bed is all khaki and this fabric would keep things all cool and light.

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