A Crafty Shift

Mar 12, 2009

I mentioned a week or so ago how I've noticed my desires in crafting shifting towards things baby-related instead of bag-related. I noticed how far my crafting desires have changed when I started bookmarking this how-to on converting a regular bra into a nursing bra. I just have to laugh at myself a little. Crafting has always been a very practical thing for me. I don't like to make things that don't have a purpose or will just sit around and collect dust - but a nursing bra? Wow, that's a shift! Just to let you know, I still have a love for making bags. In fact, I was happily working on a custom order just last night. I may not be blogging as much about bags, but that is still what "The Bolsa Chica" is all about. Afterall, it isn't "The Bambino Chica"! That being said. Isn't that an awesome tutorial?


Rochelle said...

Ummmm... yeah... I would totally find a way to screw that up. But I'm thrilled to learn just one more amazing thing we can find on the Internet. It just boggles the mind what sorts of things are out there! I'm glad you like it. :)

Katie Newman said...


melody said...

okay, that tutorial is really snazzy :) I totally bookmarked it, lol.

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