TILT - Amy Butler ed.

Mar 31, 2009

So, you all know by now that I love anything by Amy Butler. I love her patterns, her fabrics, her styles, etc. So, I thought I'd devote a Things I Like Tuesdays just to her stuff! After all, I noticed a pretty spiffy discount on Amy Butler stuff over at Pink Chalk Studio.

1. Domestic Goddess Aprons. Aren't they cute? Even tedious tasks seem more enjoyable when you've got a cute apron to wear!
2. Fresh Poppies Ivory. This fabric isn't my normal choice, but there is something so peaceful and wonderful about this print. It is clean and bright, modern and floral--just lovely!

3. In-Town Bags. Of course I love all of Amy Butler's bag patterns (and have tried two of them), but these seem particularly special. They are so different and unique from anything that you'd find in a store.
4. Daisy Chain Pressed Flowers Rose. Lovely. Need I say more?

5. Midwest Mod Pillows. It takes a special person to make a pillow seem exciting. Clearly, Amy Butler has accomplished this task!


Rochelle said...

all so great!!

Sherah said...

Wow--I love these! (#2 is my favorite)


Hello! said...

Yum. Yum. and YUM! I too love Amy Butler!

Boutique said...

I am starting to really get into Amy Butler fabrics.. Those little pillows are super super cute :)

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