Mar 16, 2009

Yesterday I tried an experiment in up-cycling. Apparently, it is slightly different than recycling but it is the same basic concept: re purposing an unwanted item into something useful. I am happy to say that it was a successful endeavor! I am always looking for cheap ways to complete my sewing projects, and this one ended up costing me a little less than $1!

I had a pajama top that I don't really wear. I love the coordinating pj pants that go with them, but I'm just not a pajama top kind of girl. I guess it makes me too hot or something. I prefer something more lightweight for sleeping. Anyway, I didn't want to throw it out because it was practically new and then I had an epiphany! Why not make some cute little baby pj pants out of the fabric? The fabric was gender neutral and warm fuzzy fleece - perfect for the winter months when my baby will be about 3 months old. So, here is what I did.

I cut apart my sleep top with as little waste as possible. You'd be shocked at how big of a piece you can get out of cutting open an arm!

And then I made these cute pajama pants for ages 3-6 months from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. I'm not super experienced with making clothes, so the elastic was a little lose, but for $1 I think they are pretty darn cute. And, I'll get to match my baby with my (much bigger) pj pants. Not bad, eh?


Rochelle said...

This is soooo great and sooooooooo adorable!!!! :o) How precious he/she will look sitting next to you at 3 mths or so with matching PJ bottoms! Yeah for fun projects!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Those are adorable! Did you make the ntire pants from just one sleeve? Are you going to make more with the rest of the shirt. Makes me want to repurpose some of my clothes, but I don't have a baby I can dress!

Monica Gee said...

Thanks guys! I think they turned out pretty cute too! Katie, I used up quite a bit of the shirt because the pattern shape was awkward to fit on the pieces that were left from the shirt. If the pattern hadn't been directional, I could have done the whole thing from both arms, but unfortunately I didn't want polar bears walking upside down! I do have some left over bits that I'm thinking of making into a beanie of sorts.

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