Belated Update

Apr 24, 2009

Oh my! How the week just flew past me! I'm sorry for the silence around here, but things have been all consuming in my "real life". We've been in the process of looking for a house the past two weeks; which means as first-time home-buyers we've been learning a lot! A week ago we placed on offer on a house which didn't end up working out for us. Apparently the bank had another offer at the same time as ours and went with that one. It was disappointing, but thankfully it hasn't taken long to find another one that we love. In general we are pretty decisive when it comes to knowing what we like, so it is no surprise that after seeing "the" house last night, we immediately placed an offer. So, good news everyone -- our offer was accepted and it looks like we may be homeowners soon! Of course there is all the normal rig-a-ma-roll with inspections and such, but we are pretty close to having the place of our starter-home dreams. Exciting stuff, no? I hope you'll forgive me for not hanging around here as much when all this has been going on! Thanks for your patience with me!


Rochelle said...

Thanks for the update. :) We have missed you but it's certainly understandable!
Hope you don't mind but I tagged you in today's post. No pressure to participate, but if you do just let me know! :)

Darning Diva said...

Hey! Congrats on putting an offer on your first house! How exciting! So, does this mean you guys will be staying in the area? Any news on the gender of the baby yet? Hope you're doing well! :)

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