A Husbandly Interruption

Apr 5, 2009

Hi Everyone! I'm Brian, the not-nearly-so-lovely other half to the fetching Bolsa Chica. Forgive me for intruding, but I needed to take one moment of your time to show you just how absolutely beautiful my wife is.

As you all know, she has been resolutely marching through 19 weeks of pregnancy. And she's been amazing. I'm honored to be her husband. I'm also honored to be a photographer (Click Here to visit my site), so I have the privilege of capturing her beauty throughout this process.

So, in honor of her, I'm posting this picture below so that you all can get an idea of just how lovely she is. And if you have a chance, let her know how lovely she is! Thanks for letting me intrude!


Evilannie said...

youre right, she is truely beautiful, and glowing. i'm so very pelased for you both x

Rochelle said...

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. You guys are both the greatest and I feel honored to call you friends. :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Gorgeous! How great to be able to capture the pregnancy with such wonderful photographs. That is something the three of you will be able to look back at.

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