Isn't He Sweet?

Apr 6, 2009

OK, so clearly I have a very sweet husband! What a blessing it is to live, love, and learn with someone who is so understanding and kind. And talented, no?

Over the past several years that we've been together, Brian has learned a lot about me. For one thing, I am fairly frugal and will rarely spend money on myself. Even money I get for my birthday or Christmas, I'm likely to end up spending on groceries or something we need. So, recently he has taken to keeping my "discretionary" money for me. He knows how badly I want a serger, and he is now helping me reach that goal by protecting me from myself. What a sweetie.

Anyway, the time has finally come! I have enough saved up for a serger (or at least what I think is a reasonable amount to spend on a serger) and am now in the market for one. So, my question to you is: do you have any advice for me on how to choose a serger? I'm most likely going to be refurbished because I think those tend to be better quality machines, but I'd be very interested in any feedback y'all might have. So, let me know if you have any input! Thanks!


Rochelle said...

This chicky can't help you. But you could help me by explaining what on earth a serger is!!! LOL :)

Amy said...

It's so funny. My husband hides away my bday money and Christmas money too so that I buy fun things for myself with it instead of household items! Good luck learning the gender. My baby is due in less than 2 months now and we were told girl. I have sewed up a storm and now worry, what if the tech was wrong???

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